Sunday Spotlight: Stick To Your Guns

Today we are spotlighting the American hardcore band, Stick To Your Guns. Formed in Orange County, California in 2003, the group currently consists of members, Members of the band include Jesse Barnett (vocals), Andrew Rose (bass), George Schmitz (drums), Chris Rawson and Josh James (guitars). These heavy hitters of hardcore are currently signed to Pure Noise Records but previously worked with Century Media, Sumerian, and This City Is Burning in previous years. They released their first of six albums in 2005 titled, “For What It’s Worth“. It has been a consistent flow of music since then with of course five other full length albums, their most recent coming out in 2017, “True View”. They have one of the most distinguished and recognizable sounds in hardcore today, their influences play a big role in that and their influences consist of bands like, Propaghandi, Boysetsfire, Metallica, Trial, and Hatebreed. The band’s lyrics address subjects ranging from self-reflection to political and social statements.

From left to right: George Schmitz, Jesse Barnett, Chris Rawson, Josh James, and Andrew Rose

With over 15 years of experience as a band, these guys have toured an insane amount, all over the world; even being the first American hardcore band to perform in Kenya! They have hit the road with some legendary acts both as support and headlining. Some of the big names they have toured with are, Terror, Parkway Drive, Architects, Beartooth, Motionless In White, Attack Attack!, August Burns Red, Knocked Loose, Hatebreed, and Every Time I Die. Those names just barely scratch the surface looking at their tour history. THey have played major festivals all over the world like, the Vans Warped Tour, Impericon Festival, Full Force, Aftershock, Greenfield Festival, Rock USA, Download, Unify The Gathering, Carolina Rebellion, and Inkarceration Festival. They have the perfect sound for major rock and metal festivals, the crowds have no choice but to open up a pit.

Stick To Your Guns has been a band I have wanted to see for a few years and finally go the chance to see them in very early 2020. Jesse has some of the most consistent vocals I have ever heard live and they bring so much energy. I was happy to say my first time being in a hardcore pit was during some of their songs. Their music is constantly in my rotation for just every day listening. They have a classic hardcore sound that just feels like an icepick in the ears with awesome riffs, painful breakdowns, and amazing lyrics. They are a band that I show anyone who asks what hardcore is and what it is all about, along side bands like Madball and Terror of course. Stick To Your Guns is a band that I suggest everyone go see if they like heavy music, even if they don’t like their sound or style they will have fun just watching the crowd go crazy.

Songs to check out:

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