Sunday Spotlight: Movements

Our spotlight this Sunday is on the post-hardcore band Movements. Hailing from Rancho Santa Margarita, California, the band currently consists of singer Patrick Miranda, bassist Austin Cressey, lead guitarist Ira George, and drummer Spencer York. Movements formed in 2015 and is currently signed to Fearless Records. Movements quickly found success after the release of their debut EP Outgrown Things which was produced by Will Yip. Soon after their release of Outgrown Things they took off by touring with Real Friends on a quite unconventional tour playing bowling alleys and skate parks.

From left to right: Spencer York, Austin Cressey, Ira George, and Patrick Miranda

Since their beginning in 2015, Movements has rapidly become very popular do to their vigorous touring and their release of music at the heightened time of the emo revival. Movements have toured with some pretty great names like, Boston Manor, I The Mighty, The Story So Far, Turnover, Good Charlotte, Mayday Parade, and Pierce The Veil. Along with some great tours both headlining and supporting, Movements has appeared on numerous festival bills such as, Welcome to Rockville, Epicenter, Sonic Temple, the Vans Warped Tour, Slam Dunk, Sad Summer, and the ever popular Minecraft server festival, Block by Blockwest. A crowd favorite because of their tightness as a band and the crowd activity and participation, Movements is being one of the most popular bands in the scene today.

With their newest album, No Good Left To Give Movements used 2020 to their advantage by pushing their new record and releasing awesome merch that fans have eaten up like putting out limited amount of their legendary “fish shirt”. With tour plans ready to go as soon as the world is, Movements is going to be continuing to keep their names in everyone’s mouth’s. They have got unlimited potential that I believe they will be fulfilling over their career.

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