Furnace Fest: Lineup Analysis

Another festival lineup has made its’ way out to the public and it is for the returning rock/metal festival, Furnace Fest. The Alabama festival is making its’ first appearance in almost 20 years. Taking place at Sloss Furnaces on September 24th through the 26th the triumphant return has come with great praise and seems thatContinue reading “Furnace Fest: Lineup Analysis”

Sunday Spotlight: Knocked Loose

This Sunday we are presenting to you a hardcore band that is on the rise in the United States and across the globe. We are talking about Knocked Loose, of course. Formed in Oldham County, Kentucky in the year, 2013; The bands lineup currently consists of, Bryan Garris on lead vocals, Cole Crutchfield on rhythmContinue reading “Sunday Spotlight: Knocked Loose”

Sunday Spotlight: Stand Atlantic

This Sunday we are spotlighting an Australian band that is rising rapidly in popularity. This is none other than the pop-punk/alt-rock band, Stand Atlantic. The group formed in Sydney Australia in 2012 and currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, guitarist David Potter, bassist Miki Rich, and drummer Jonno Panichi. In 2017, they signed with RudeContinue reading “Sunday Spotlight: Stand Atlantic”

Rebel Rock 2021: Lineup Analysis

Rebel Rock Festival is taking place this year in Orlando, Florida at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on September 24th-26th. This years festival is being fueled by none other than rock music’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage, Monster. The festival is a three day long rock fest with the day one being on a Friday but there willContinue reading “Rebel Rock 2021: Lineup Analysis”

Sunday Spotlight: Grayscale

This Sunday we are spotlighting Philadelphia’s newest stars in the scene, Grayscale. Formed in 2011, the group currently features lead vocalist Collin Walsh, lead guitarist and backup vocalist Andrew Kyne, rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist Dallas Molster, bassist Nick Ventimiglia, and drummer Nick Veno. The five piece, has released three EP’s and two full lengthContinue reading “Sunday Spotlight: Grayscale”

Sunday Spotlight: Stick To Your Guns

Today we are spotlighting the American hardcore band, Stick To Your Guns. Formed in Orange County, California in 2003, the group currently consists of members, Members of the band include Jesse Barnett (vocals), Andrew Rose (bass), George Schmitz (drums), Chris Rawson and Josh James (guitars). These heavy hitters of hardcore are currently signed to PureContinue reading “Sunday Spotlight: Stick To Your Guns”

Sunday Spotlight: Neck Deep

This week our spotlight is on the Welsh pop-punk heavyweights, Neck Deep. They began their career in 2012 in the town of Wrexham, Wales. Created after vocalist Ben Barlow found former lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts, under it’s title Neck Deep, the duo shared a track (“What Did You Expect?”) online. The song soon gained onlineContinue reading “Sunday Spotlight: Neck Deep”