KNOTFEST Iowa 2021 Lineup Analysis

Slipknot is making their return home Iowa and they are bringing some friends along with them, KnotFest is doing a one off from the Roadshow to play for their family and friends. The initial look at this lineup is impressive with some surprises that tilts heads but also makes sense in a way. We will see the festival take place in Indianola, Iowa at the National Balloon Classic Field which is just south of Des Moines. We can expect to see a lot of people to make their way to this festival as it will be one of the first and only festivals happening this year.

Megadeth Knotfest Iowa

Right off the bat, Griffin Taylor’s (son of Corey Taylor) band Vended will open the day to get things moving. Gatecreeper is bringing some death metal from Arizona to the fest. After those two bands open the day, business really starts to pick up with Turnstile the melodic hardcore group from Baltimore. If there was one band on the lineup that is a must see, it’s Knocked Loose, leading the charge for hardcore to become more popular from Oldham County, Kentucky, these guys do not know how to miss, they are seriously heavy hitters that put on fantastic live performances. Fever 333 is this generations Rage Against The Machine, they have all the energy in their pockets like lightning in a bottle.

With our first real substantial switch in genre of this festival, legendary chopper rapper, Tech N9ne. He is a big name in both the rap and rock world and will have plenty of fans in attendance for his set. Trivium is up after him and is a heavyweight in metalcore, a consistently impressive band when it comes to releases and live performances, they are also set to open on the road for the Megadeth and Lamb Of God (who also appear at the festival) co-headliner this summer. Gojira is hot off their album release and have a thirst for touring to promote the album, we can expect to hear new songs from the ever growingly popular French metal band.

Getting into the second half of the festival, the name that really caught my eye on first glance is $uicideboy$, this New Orleans rap duo is a household name in the rap world but most likely not in the rock and metal communities. In an odd way, it almost makes sense for these two to have a set at KnotFest, they have a darker sound, their songs are guaranteed to get people hyped, and these guys love the scene. Going on after them is the previously mentioned, Lamb Of God and Megadeth, both sets will be rowdy, both sets will draw lots of attention, and will bring plenty of familiar tunes to the crowds. These two bands have years and years of experience playing in front of tons of people and it shows, both of their live performances are very impressive.

Sub-headlining the day we have another Nu-metal powerhouse in Faith No More, this band is a fan favorite, a lot of really good and unique songs under their belts that are sure to please the excited crowds. Mike Patton is certainly a character and an enjoyable vocalist to watch take the stage. Finally, to take everyone home, Slipknot playing in front of their home of Maggots. One of their first shows of 2021, they are going to be pulling out all the stops to give Iowa the craziest show they have ever seen. As we see more and more of the metal festivals, “classic” headliners start to hang up their guitars and leather pants, Slipknot has become THE festival headliner for rock and metal festivals because of their consistency and undying love for live music.

General admission and VIP tickets, along with more information about the one-off Iowa festival can be found here:

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