Discography Disputes: The Story So Far

This edition of Discography Disputes is featuring the pop-punk heavyweight, The Story So Far. With four full length albums in their discography TSSF has established themselves as a consistently virtuous group of musicians and songwriters. They have a fifth album which will hopefully be hitting streaming services at some point this year and who knows where that album will land in the tier list of this bands discography. The four albums that will be discussed in this article are, Under Soil and Dirt (2011), What You Don’t See (2013), The Story So Far (self-titled) (2015), and Proper Dose (2018). This is ranking is based solely on personal preference and will be ranked in order of least favorite (4) to favorite (1).

4. The Story So Far (2015)

The Story so Far - Self Titled LP (Color Vinyl) – Merch Connection
Album artwork by James Fisher

Pretty much unanimously considered to be the least popular work of TSSF, as well as the least exciting. Now, that does not make this album bad, I do not believe they have released anything I would consider to be bad. There are quite a few really good songs on this record that have become a staple at their shows, songs like, Heavy Gloom which is started off with drums and bass locked in set the tone for the vocally driven anthem and the song, Nerve is one song they have that is most often played to end their set (no encores of course because that’s corny and lame). Other notable tracks on this album are, Distaste and Solo which appear one after the other.

3. What You Don’t See (2013)

The Story So Far – What You Don't See (2013, CD) - Discogs
Album artwork by Jordan Pundik

The sophomore release of a band is almost always a ride or die situation, if people hate it then it’ll be hard to come back from. This album is a perfect follow up record to their debut album. The artwork chaotic, poetic, and overall really cool, not too uncommon to see this artwork as a tattoo on someone’s leg. There are so many amazing songs on this album that the band revisits in convert every night like, Things I Can’t Change, Empty Space, The Glass, All Wrong, and Face Value. Really, any song of the track list could make its’ way onto the setlist and the crowd will likely know all the words. The concept behind the album is supposed to a list of tips and tricks to navigate through murky parts of life.

2. Proper Dose (2018)

Album Review: The Story So Far - Proper Dose
Album artwork

This release has thus far been the most unique and honest album we have seen from the band. Being recorded and released after what is said to be the darkest time in the life of singer, Parker Cannon. The band was close to disbanding before this album was written and recorded until Parker had an intervention and came out stronger and with a better mindset and look at music. The album really chronicles overcoming the addictions, depression, and anxiety that Parker Cannon had been experiencing up until that point. The album has some slower and lighter songs featured on the album but still packs an upbeat punch that we are used to seeing from them. Songs like, Keep This Up, Out Of It, Need To Know, If I Fall, and Take Me As You Please are the true highlights of this album. They really went for it when touring this album in North America, the tour included the bands, Movements, Citizen, and Turnover.

  1. Under Soil and Dirt (2011)
The Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt - Amazon.com Music
Album artwork and illustrations by: Cody Sullivan

As a surprise to no one, the album that is widely considered to be their best album to date. Not shying away from common pop-punk themes, Under Soil And Dirt highlights the difficulties of growing up, dealing with hard truth’s of life, and of course….girls. Parker Cannon is somewhat known for writing songs about women and how he has been hurt by them in the past. The album is not very in your face but it is groovy and high energy, the songs that garnered more attention still hit just as hard today as they did in 2011. It would be a challenge to highlight just a few songs on this album; from front to back this record has no misses. Personal favorites from the album include, Roam, Quicksand, and High Regard. Right after the album was released the band toured to support it, playing shows alongside, We Are the Union, I Call Fives, Handguns, and Heartsounds.

This catalog is impressive enough and we can expect to hear a new record from TSSF hopefully if not this year then the next. As we saw with Proper Dose, the band is changing and developing their sound with every new piece of material they release and we can onlty hope to see a continue in growth and development with whatever they decide to put out next.

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