Sunday Spotlight: Motionless In White

Our spotlight is on the Scranton, Pennsylvania metal-core outfit, Motionless In White. Formed in 2005, this band is one of the most well known metal-core bands today, with all their album releases coming with great reviews. The band currently consists of vocalist Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, lead guitarist Ryan Sitkowski, rhythm guitarist Ricky “Horror” Olson, bassist Justin Morrow, and drummer Vinny Mauro. They have released five full-length albums since 2010 with their most recent album Disguise, coming from Roadrunner Records in 2019. Their debut album, Creatures just hit the ten year anniversary mark and they released a single performed in the style of the album to celebrate the ten year mark. Motionless In White has a loyal fanbase that is ever growing with each release and tour they participate on.

From left to right: Justin Morrow, Ryan Sitkowski, Chris Motionless, Ricky Horror, and Vinny Mauro.

Having been a band since 2005, they have spent many months on the road supporting other artists and themselves. They have played some insane shows where the venues are filled to the brim and the pits are massive. Some amazing bands they have shared a stage with include, Beartooth, Ice Nine Kills, Avatar, Asking Alexandria, Alice Cooper, Halestorm, Breaking Benjamin, Korn, Falling In Reverse, Lamb of God, and Slipknot. These bands mentioned are all huge in the rock and metal scene, so these tours were always packed and wild. They have hit some huge festival bills like, Warped Tour, Epicenter, Skate and Surf Festival, Rebel Rock, iMatter Fest, Mayhem Festival, Download, Aftershock, Inkcarceration, and many other big name festivals both in the US and all over the world. They are one of the tightest bands out there today and can easily get a crowd off their feet. They have such a diverse discography that they have an infinite amount of setlists they can put together that will make the crowd lose their minds.

Interviews with Chris Motionless have revealed that the band is working on a new album and he said it has some of their heaviest songs to date on it. This of course is exciting to all Motionless fans, there is nothing quite like the aggressively distinct screams and clean vocals. This band has been around the block a few times and will keep going around until they no longer can, expanding their fanbase every single album cycle. They figured out the code to being unique and impressive in the metal-core scene today.

Music Videos:

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