Rebel Rock 2021: Lineup Analysis

Rebel Rock Festival is taking place this year in Orlando, Florida at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on September 24th-26th. This years festival is being fueled by none other than rock music’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage, Monster. The festival is a three day long rock fest with the day one being on a Friday but there will also be a Thursday night “Taco Metal Party” that will see performances from some great acts like, Greyhaven, Slaves, Polaris, and P.O.D. There are currently five more acts to be announced for the weekend, with one of them being a sub-headliner on Friday night. The official lineup as of right now can be seen below.

Official Lineup

Friday: This day in my opinion is already the highlight of the weekend even though we do not know who the other headliner is that day. That first day is going to be the ultimate warmup for the festival goers, so many heavy hitters to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing. The highlights for Friday are going to be the bands, Fit For A King, Knocked Loose, Hatebreed, Motionless In White, Skillet, Parkway Drive, and Limp Bizkit. Names like these are going to draw huge crowds full of energy, these pits are going to be massive. Limp Bizkit headlining will be the perfect way to end the first night and will leave the crowds hungry to get back in Saturday morning.

Saturday: This day is filled with a wide and I mean wide variety of acts that will capture the attention of the festival goers throughout the entire day. There are still three acts to be announced for Saturday but some of the most exciting names on the bill for Saturday include: Escape The Fate, Attila, Body Count feat. Ice-T, Killswitch Engage, I Prevail, Legends of Wu-Tang, and Five Finger Death Punch. We have metalcore bands like Escape The Fate, and I Prevail bringing a modern take on metal, Attila holding down that metal/deathcore sound, then Body Count and Wu-Tang bringing some punk and hip-hop to the lineup. Those three mystery I can guarantee will bring even more variety to the already diverse day.

Sunday: The last day of the festival is an important day for many reasons, you have to send the people home happy, they are already tired from two other days of nonstop rock so we should not bring them something too heavy that they cannot keep up. Another diverse lineup that comes out of the gate strong but ends the night on some less intense but still impressive and sought after acts. Bands like Spite, Carnifex, and Suicide Silence are going to be bringing the heavy deathcore earlier in the day to warm those necks up for other acts like Miss May I, Anti-Flag, The Used, and Rise Against to end the weekend on a high note.

Overall this lineup seems very interesting and I believe it will draw in a ton of people down south who are looking for a festival to go to since Spring festivals have been cancelled. The remaining lineup spots will add to the excitement more and naturally will draw in more people especially since one of the empty spots is a headliner. Metal deity Jose Mangin is hosting Rebel Rock just to be the cherry on top, I mean who doesn’t lose Jose? Monster always brings a different element to festivals they work with that somehow makes the entire weekend seem more fun even thought they just sell energy drinks. If you are near Florida this fall and are looking for a good festival to go to, I would highly recommend checking out this festival it should be a blast.


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