Discography Disputes

We are introducing something new to Live From The Pit! Every week we are going to be looking deep in to the entire discographies of some of ours and your favorite artists. We will then be talking a little bit about each LP they have released and then will be ranking them from our least favorite to our favorite. We are going to be looking at many different artists from many different genres for these weekly posts so, we would love for you guys to let us know of a particular artist that you would like for us to rank their discography. For this first Discography Dispute we are going to be looking at the band Beartooth. I know no other artists discography as well as I know Beartooth’s so it seems like the right place to start.

Starting out here as our least favorite album is their third full length release ‘Disease’.

Album Cover

Released in 2018, this album was an experimental album from the Columbus natives that came with mixed reviews from fans as well as a lot of air-time from radio stations across the country. With a less metal-core driven sound and a focus on hard rock/radio rock. Beartooth was able to have great success with album sales and their tour dates to support the album were packed out almost every night. They began getting a ton of major festival slots post album release as well. The overall sound of the album was different than what fans were used to which was a disappointment to some and an improvement to others.

Next we have their 2016 album, ‘Aggressive’.

Album Cover

This album was highly expected to be something very special and although a very very good album, it was considered by many to be a rehash of their previous LP. At the time of the album release, Beartooth was red hot with popularity. They had solidified themselves as a band that was going to be around for awhile. They really had the word “aggressive” stuck in their heads when they were writing and recording the songs for the album. This album is full of aggression and passion which can be heard in any number of tracks from this album. At this point they were going full steam ahead in touring by hitting the road with acts like Bring Me The Horizon and Slipknot. With tour mates like them, going out on their own to promote the album was very easy, having gotten their names further out there than they already were.

Now, our favorite Beartooth album is their 2014, debut album ‘Disgusting’.

Album Cover

This record is not just our favorite Beartooth album, but it is widely considered to be their best album. Fresh off the ‘Sick’ EP, Beartooth dropped an absolute bomb on the metal-core community by releasing one of the most well received albums of that year. This album was a very fresh sound for metal-core that had been transitioning into a different sound over the past few years. For a band that started off as just a random side project, they released an extremely important album that would force them to go headstrong in touring and putting out new music for the masses to listen to and show to their friends. Disgusting has so many songs that are still in their rotation for shows even after two more full length releases and an upcoming full length to be released this year. Disgusting is a seriously wicked influential album that will be in the music libraries of metal-core listeners for years to come.

Song from Disease:

Song from Aggressive:

Song from Disgusting:

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