Sunday Spotlight: Silverstein

This Sunday our spotlight is on Canadian rock band, Silverstein. Their band name is a reference to Shel Silverstein, a popular children’s author, whom the band loved and read as children’s tales. They formed in the year 2000 in their hometown of Burlington, Ontario and their members currently consist of, lead vocalist Shane Told, lead guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau, rhythm guitarist Josh Bradford, bassist Billy Hamilton, and drummer Paul Koehler. Since their beginning they have released a total of ten studio albums, four EPs, a compilation album and a live DVD/CD have been released. With seeing great success from their sophomore release Discovering The Waterfront. As a band they have sold over 1 million albums worldwide over their tenure. The band has previously worked with the labels, Victory Records, Hopeless Records, Rise Records, and are now signed with UNFD. With as many years as they have under their belts they have a ton of touring experience all across the world.

From left to right: Paul Marc Rousseau, Josh Bradford, Shane Told, Paul Koehler, and Billy Hamilton.

The band has hit the road a ton over the years, supporting different acts and also headlining several tours with some great supporting bands. Some of these artists are Hawthorne Heights, August Burns Red, Beartooth, Pierce The Veil, Anti-Flag, Creeper, Tonight Alive, Memphis May Fire, Good Charlotte, and Dance Gavin Dance. They have many festival appearances over the years with numerous summer runs on the Vans Warped Tour where every once and awhile would link up with their good friends in Beartooth to form super group “SilverTooth”. Along with those festival appearances they have rocked out on stages at festivals like, So What? Fest, Stay Warm, Slam Dunk, Trees, Hevy Fest, Self Help Fest, and Unify the Gathering. They always put on a very tight performance where the crowds give it their all and enjoy every last bit of their set performance.

Silverstein has been a band over the past two decades that has really paved a way for the bands that came after them, always touring with a slew of different artists that they are always going to give tips and tricks on how to make it in this all but easy music scene. They are running on all cylinders and have no plans of stopping any time soon. Their last album was met with tons of positive reviews, they have a 20th anniversary tour planned for whenever they can hit the road again which is going to draw thousands and thousands of fans every show. They are cementing their legacy as a legitimate powerhouse of a post-hardcore band. We can only hope that the success they have had continues for these genius minds we all get to experience whenever we pop in some ear buds.

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