Sunday Spotlight: Wallows

Under our spotlight this week is the American alternative rock band Wallows. Wallows is currently a three piece band formed officially in 2017, though playing under different names throughout the past decade. The band currently consists of Dylan Minnette (vocals, rhythm guitar, and keys), Braeden Lemasters (vocals and lead guitar), and Cole Preston (drums and backing vocals). Since they released their first single, ‘Pleaser’ under the moniker “Wallows” they have skyrocketed in popularity playing some legendary venues such as the Troubadour, and the Roxy both historical venues in Los Angeles. They managed to sell out multiple shows at both rooms having only released two singles prior. They have also embarked on countless tour dates since their official name change.

From left to right: Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston, Dylan Minnette

Some of the popular names that Wallows have hit the road with over the years are, Briston Maroney, Remo Drive, Penelope Isles, and Vampire Weekend. Those artists have been included mainly on North American runs but even a world tour they set out on. Along with those tour dates, Wallows has played slots on some absolutely huge festival stages. Some notable festivals include The Vans Warped Tour, Bunbury, Camp Flog Gnaw, Austin City Limits, Mo Pop, Shaky Knees, Coachella, and Reading. There catchy songs with great choruses and hooks makes them a great festival band as there will always be people who do not know them, watching their set and some are bound to like some of the songs and check them out afterwards on streaming platforms. Their sets both in clubs or at festivals from what I have seen are energetic, the stage lights are well thought out, and the fans always participate with all their energy.

Wallows is becoming one of the most hyped and anticipated bands in alternative music today, with the guys being as young and as talented as they are there is nothing stopping them from becoming the next huge thing in alternative music. With more material put out on platforms, tours, and festival appearances I have no doubt in my mind that they will be massive headliners one day

Songs to check out:

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