Top 20 Albums of the Year List!

This year has been a struggle for everyone, luckily we have all been gifted great music to help us get through this year. It honestly felt like we were receiving new albums and songs weekly which of course, brought a lot of smiles to the faces of the listeners. This list was compiled by myself (Spencer Davis) and it is essentially my twenty favorite albums from 2020. We saw quite a variety in the genres of albums released this year so this list is full of different types of artists. If you feel like an album that you loved deserved to be on this list, feel free to let us know! Now, on with the list!

20. Immortal- Lorna Shore

Album Artwork by: Caelan Stokkermans

The third studio album release from Lorna Shore, their first with new label Century Media, and the first and last with vocalist CJ McCreery who left Pennsylvania band Signs of the Swarm to replace former Lorna Shore and now Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber. Produced by Josh Schroeder this 45 minute record is full of symphonic deathcore that will give old and new deathcore listeners something fun to check out.

19. Hello, It’s You- Bearings

Album Artwork

The official sophomore release of Ottawa, Canada base pop-punk band Bearings. This ten track album produced by Courtney Ballard and released on label, Pure Noise Records is chalk full of pop-rock, pop-punk, indie-pop, and emo rap songs that will make casual listeners turn their heads and draw attention from the unknowing listeners.

18. Honeymoon- Beach Bunny

Album Artwork

The debut studio album from Chicago basement indie-rock and power-pop four piece Beach Bunny, was released on Mom + Pop records and was produced by Joe Reinhart. This record came with almost exclusively, positive reviews and made its’ way onto album of the year lists such as, The New York Times‘ Best Albums of 2020, Rolling Stone‘s Best Albums of 2020, and charted very strongly on both those lists. It is well worth a listen from fans of the genre and those who are not fans of the genre.

17. No Eternity in Gold- Like Moths To Flames

Album Artwork

The fifth studio album released by Like Moths To Flame is just a shade under 40 minutes of modern metalcore, filled with nasty riffs, breakdowns, and the always desired “blegh”. Co-produced by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland and released under UNFD Records after all their departure from Rise Records who released all of their previous LP’s and EP’s. For those who are fans of Architects, Wage War, Northlane, and Polaris, give this album a rip I know you’ll like it.

16. I Disagree- Poppy

Album Artwork

With her first release on new record label Sumerian Records, Poppy brings us a ten song genre-bending album with four bonus tracks on the deluxe edition that will confuse listeners in the best way possible. Co-produced by Chris Greatti and Zakk Cervini, this record came with mostly favorable reviews and made its’ way onto the Revolver and Kerrang best albums of 2020 lists among others.

15.  I Let It In and It Took Everything- Loathe

Album Artwork by: Loathe

The sophomore studio album by British heavy metal band Loathe was produced by Loathe, mixed by George Lever, and mastered by Jens Bogren. This album drew a lot of attention towards the group with heavy metal listeners praising this record and speaking of it in very high regard. With its’ base heavy metal sound with influences that can range from anything between metalcore to melodic shoegaze. Truly a unique experience to listen to.

14.  Internal Incarceration- Year of the Knife

Album Artwork

With the release of their second full length album in two years, Delaware based straight edge hardcore band Year of the Knife, took on the task of dealing with the emotional toll that the brain can bring to a person every single day. This release retains the rawness of previous releases while spreading a good message through brutal hardcore. Production from Kurt Ballou of Converge brings major credibility and even more hardcore credit to this awesome piece.


Album Artwork

The debut studio album from the Fearless Records two piece is nothing short of wonderful. Dallon Weekes formerly of Panic! At The Disco really made sure to give it his all on the alt-pop duos first full length. Filled to the brim with synth, saxophone, keys, strings, and percussion, IDKHOW put their best foot forward with production from Tom Pagnotta, Brian Phillips, and Dallon Weekes. The vocals are beautiful and the melodies are infectious, a must listen record.

12.  Manic- Halsey

Album Artwork

The release of her third studio album, Halsey did what she always does and releases art. She described this record as changing its mind as much as she does. This record has countless genre influences while still revolving around Halsey pop sound. She handled most production work herself but brought in a plethora of special guests for help such as, Benny Blanco, Jon Bellion, Lido, and FINNEAS. This record is Halsey at her best that we have seen.

11. Wake Up, Sunshine- All Time Low

Album Artwork

With the release of their eighth studio album, pop-punk veterans and legends, All Time Low put out somewhat of a sentimental record with pulling out some classic sounds but keeping things new and fresh for our ears. Production took place in drummer Rian Dawson’s house so most of it was done by the band with some help from Zakk Cervini and Andrew Goldstein. Filled with serious heavy hitters like Monster (feat. blackbear), Wake Up, Sunshine was an album that 2020 listeners deserved to get.

10.  The Death of Me- Polaris

Album Artwork

The Death of Me is the second full length release from Australian metalcore leaders Polaris. Produced by the band alongside Lance Prenc and Scottie Simpson, this powerhouse was released under labels Sharptone and Resist Records. Staying true to who they are Polaris filled their ten tracks with mind numbing riffs, awesome choruses, and head splitting breakdowns.

9. Pink Elephant- Stand Atlantic

Album Artwork

Another sophomore album for the list comes from Australian pop-punk squad Stand Atlantic. Not sticking to the sound they were known for previously, Stand Atlantic gave us something new and exciting to check out while always keeping roped in with their pop-punk sound we heard on Skinny Dipping.

8. GLUE- Boston Manor

Album Artwork

Coming from Pure Noise Records, Boston Manor released their third full length album GLUE in the early half of 2020. Met with critical acclaim, GLUE piggy backed off of their last full length album, Welcome to the Neighborhood. Boston Manor took their tone from their sophomore record and expanded upon that working with different tones and themes for this thirteen song record.

7. ANTI-ICON- Ghostemane

Album Artwork

With his eighth studio album, Ghostemane puts out his most anticipated work, he described this record as, unparalleled, unrivaled, and career-defining. His genre-fluid style of music and art is at full power in this record. There truly was not an album remotely close to what Ghostemane gave to all of us this year and the success is well deserved.

6. The Bastards- Palaye Royale

Album Artwork

With their third album release, Palaye Royale put out their most aggressive sounding album yet with their label Sumerian to promote it. The three brothers had no issue getting wild, sounding crazy, and being ballzy with the messages of their songs, the tones they wanted to have and reception they wanted for the album. Some of their best work so far and will be a stepping stone to stardom for the boys.

5. Underneath- Code Orange

Album Artwork

With their fourth album release, Code Orange shocked a lot of people while simultaneously impressing them and drawing in loads of new fans. Released under Roadrunner records and produced by Jami Morgan, Nick Raskulinecz, and Will Yip, this record is layered with guitar parts, electronic parts, intense rhythm, and mental vocals that will knock you to the ground. This album was a huge step for the hardcore music scene.

4. How To Survive A Funeral- Make Them Suffer

Album Artwork

Australian metal band Make Them Suffer put out their fourth studio album under Rise and Greyscale Records. This record brings a really interesting sound to this new era of metal that is creeping its’ way into music today. With metalcore guitar parts and vocals, breakdowns, and heavy drum fills this record has the typical flare we would expect from metalcore but the kicker here is the clean vocals and beautiful piano parts that make this album stick out.

3. Tickets To My Downfall- Machine Gun Kelly

Album Artwork

Dropping his rap sound and picking up a pop-punk sound we have not heard outside of Blink-182 in a long time, Machine Gun Kelly released Tickets To My Downfall through BadBoy and Interscope Records. This release coupled with the deluxe edition of itself is just what pop-punk needed to bring the genre back into the spotlight of music today.


Album Artwork

Produced solely by Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish, this Bring Me The Horizon release came with a lot of great reviews. Being praised for its’ variety and uniqueness, this record takes us through the entirety of Bring Me The Horizons discography in just nine tracks. From their deathcore beginnings to the more radio rock friendly tunes today, this album is going to become a classic in the coming years.

  1. weird!- YUNGBLUD
Album Artwork

Last but not least, sophomore album weird! by British rocker YUNGBLUD. Taking a different approach to the music he releases Dominic Harrison seems more optimistic rather than angry. This seems to be all of his best work slammed together into one album. You will get a little bit of everything on this album and it will all make you bob your head and smile, or bang your head and scream!

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