Sunday Spotlight: The Jacks

The Jacks are a modern yet classic rock band based out of Los Angeles. Formed in the summer of 2016, the rock & roll quartet currently consists of, Jonny Stanback (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) Tom Hunter (lead guitar/vocals) Scott Stone (bass guitar/vocals) Josh Roossin (drums/percussion). After entering a radio station battle of the bands competition just a year after forming, they ended up winning the competition as well as a record deal which they passed on signing. With the decision to pass on signing the recording deal they were quickly picked up by EDGEOUT records they were shoved them into the studio almost immediately and pumped out their debut self-titled EP. Their first EP’s producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More) had this to say about The Jacks, “The Jacks deliver lean, rugged rock & roll with songs that feel like instant classics that make you want to move, with earworm hooks and melodies that will have you kinda upset when you find yourself unintentionally and inappropriately humming their songs at work, in church, in court, or at wakes. If the Strokes, Cage the Elephant, and the Stones had an equally talented, but more handsome baby, it would be named The Jacks!”

From left to right: Scott Stone, Jonny Stanback, Tom Hunter, and Josh Roossin

Having only been around for less than five years, they have done a lot of short North American and regional tours, different festival performances at festivals like Sonic Temple, Louder Than Life, and Aftershock. Though they have not toured all over the world, that obviously will change when touring picks back up again and these guys keep getting their name exposed to music listeners. They actually have been able to get their music onto some pretty huge platforms like NFL on Fox, they performed at the pre-Super Bowl as well as the NHL Winter Classic with their single, “Walk Away” to be chosen as the official song of the 2019 NHL Playoffs. They are slowly making their way up the rock ladder and with every release are turning heads to their music.

The Jacks are a band that I had the pleasure of seeing at a festival. Going into their performance, they were one of the first bands to play that weekend and I had no clue who they were. I must say I was very impressed with those guys, their classic rock look and sound but with influences from more modern rock music was something I was and still am a big fan of. They are now a band that I listen to and suggest to friends that they should check them out. I am hoping this band hits the road as soon as they possibly can to get their name out there and make some fans and friends all over the world.

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