Interview: Josh Abbott of Fatality

We got the chance to sit down and interview Josh Abbott, singer of UK nu-metalcore band “Fatality”. We got to talk about a ton of cool stuff together and are excited for you all to check it out! After checking out the interview, make sure to go check these guys!


Spencer Davis: “Who inspired you to become a musician?”

Josh Abbott: “Lots of people. Bands such as Slipknot, Korn, Limpbizkit, Papa Roach, Fear Factory, Machinehead. All the music we listened to growing up inspired us to do what we do today.”

SD: “How would you describe the music you create?”

JA: “I’d say catchy, modern nu-metal mixed with metal core and hip hop influences. It’s hard to describe our own music to be honest. We just make what we make and enjoy it without having to label it haha.”

SD: “Who is one artist you would love to collaborate with?”

JA: “For me personally it would be Jacoby from Papa Roach. He’s an idol of mine and someone I really look up to in the industry. It would be an absolute honour to have him collaborate with us.”

SD: “What’s your favorite album of all time?”

JA: “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket by Blink 182.”

SD: “If you could open for any artist, who would it be and why?”

JA: “Our choice would be Slipknot. I think the current music we’re making and our live energy would be a perfect opener and warm up for the HUGE show that they bring.”

SD: “Favorite concert you’ve been to?”

JA: “Mine would be the first Avenged Sevenfold show I went to on Halloween at Hammersmith Apollo. I sung along to literally every word and at the end they threw out loads of Halloween sweets for the crowd haha. I was still quite young (about 16/17) so then, the opportunity of seeing one of your favourite bands is something that will always stick in my mind.”

SD: “What are your favorite and least favorite venues?”

JA: “Camden Roundhouse has THE best sound for a venue of its size and it never fails to amaze me. On the other hand the Kentish Town Forum is the complete opposite. I’ve never been to a show there and been able to hear through the muddy, bassy noise through the PA and I refuse to go back there because it’s a waste of money seeing a band you like and not being able to hear them.”

SD: “What does your writing process look like?”

JA: “We usually just jam and riff until we have something solid. Then we structure a song around that particular hook. We’ll then record a demo and listen back, make changes and refine and re-write certain parts. Then we’ll get in the studio and record it properly.”

SD: “What is your favorite song you’ve written?”

JA: “I’d say one of our newer tracks, Juggernaut. It’s energetic, loud, and is really one that gets the crowd going.”

SD: “What’s coming up next for you guys?”

JA: “Whilst we can’t play live shows due to the pandemic we’re releasing new music every 6-8 weeks. We’re going to keep doing this until we get the go ahead to play live again. Once that happens we’ll be tirelessly booking shows up and down the country in order to bring live music back to our audiences.”

@fatalitybanduk (twitter and instagram)

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