Review of “Hello, It’s You” by Bearings

The sophomore album from the pop-punk barrier pushers from Canada was one of my most anticipated releases of 2020 and it has a little bit of something for everyone. They gained popularity and a larger following of fans after touring with the likes of Set It Off, Like Pacific, Roam, and most recently, Philadelphia’s newest pride and joy Grayscale. They are quickly growing to be one of the most impressive bands in the pop-punk genre with their unbelievably catchy choruses and beautiful melodies throughout any given track. Because of these things, the awaited release of Hello, It’s You has been leaving fans and those interested in the group, chomping at the bit to hear all 30 minutes of the new album.

Album Artwork

While incorporating many different aspects from their first album Blue In The Dark, there are just so many new and exciting layers to the music these guys have put out. Their first album laid the foundation for where they wanted to head creatively, and the new album has taken them ten steps in that direction. Which, I believe is the right direction for these guys. There are so many things that make this album truly an experience to listen to. The first track I want to highlight is ‘Sway’, this is a buttery smooth, and groovy track that will no doubt, get a crowd to move around. Next, ‘Super Deluxe’ has some subtle 80’s influence that I think makes it stand out from the other songs and has potential to be a fan favorite. Another thing that Bearings does really well is songs with acoustic guitar driving the tune, this album is a perfect example with the pop dream song, ‘Lovely Lovely’. For all the pop-punk elitist kids out there, don’t worry there is something for you too. The last track, ‘Transient Colours’ should appease the taste of those pop-punk elitist kids. The last song I want to highlight and spend a little time talking about is the unexpected song, ‘Dreams’. This track is just over two minutes of the ever-popular genre ‘Emo Rap’. Listening through the album for the first time, the last thing I was thinking that would show up would be an ‘Emo Rap’ song. But dare I say, they did it well and left me wanting to hear more of the same sound? Now, I don’t think this was them testing the waters to change their style entirely but instead to see how listeners would react and give them the nod to try more things like it.

I personally love this album and believes the guys hit it out of the park with this as their sophomore release. The overall sound of this record is exactly what I was hoping it would sound like. The singles they released before the entire album left me a good indication of what we would be getting but, did not give it all away. I’m hoping this record will get Bearings some serious attention and recognition for the work these boys put in.

Rating: 8/10

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