Sad Summer Festival 2021 Analysis

Sad Summer Fest has announced their official lineup for the rescheduled 2021 dates of the sophomore year North American run. They have not announced special guest artists for the dates yet because of the rescheduling but every announced artist has agreed to play the new dates. This year features an almost entirely new lineup aside from returners and coordinators The Maine. Bands this year also include All Time Low, The Story So Far, Movements, Grayscale, Yours Truly, and Destroy Boys. It was also revealed that this year their will be varying set times which is different from last year. The Story So Far and All Time Low will be playing longer sets as they are billed as headliners. This is going to provide those attending with a less Warped Tour experience which is what I believe they are going for this year after all the success they had last year.

Poster for Sad Summer Festival 2021

Another new development for them this year is the announcement of VIP tickets that are available for purchase whereas last year they just had one ticket option. Regular GA tickets are priced at $35 plus fees of course and that just includes entry to the festival. The Funhouse VIP ticket includes first entry into the festival, VIP viewing area, private bar, a Sad Summer signature cocktail menu, and a Sad Summer Fest “commemorative” laminate. We can see the growth from last year to this coming year of Sad Summer has been quite exponential due to the bigger names on the lineup, VIP options for ticketing, and the festival being presented by none other than the scenes biggest support Journeys. There is of course going to be photo opportunities like last year and other things that will be unique to each date of the tour. This of course, is a good sign for the fans of the festival because it shows us that this festival is not just here to come and go, they want this thing to stick around for a while.

The idea that there is going to be two headliners that are on opposite ends of the pop punk spectrum is going to be interesting, you have The Story So Far who are on the edgier, more aggressive side of pop punk that has a very passionate fanbase; and you have All Time Low who are on the more neon pop punk side that basically everyone is somewhat a fan of. I would be hard-pressed to find someone going to this festival that does not have a single All Time Low song that they enjoy. The rest of the bands are all really solid, another interesting choice for the festival this year is Movements who will make this festival open up some serious mosh pits to get everyone warmed up for the damage that The Story So Far is going to cause. The Maine is essentially going to be for All Time Low what Movements will be for The Story So Far. This is going to create a healthier variety of artists for fans of both styles. I believe that this coming year of Sad Summer is going to far and away exceed the previous year simply because this no longer just a DIY tour, they have bigger names, more sponsors, different ticketing options, and different formatting set times. Everyone should take a trip to the nearest venue to them that is hosting a Sad Summer date and go have a blast.

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