Sunday Spotlight: Beach Bunny

Welcome to the first edition of the Sunday Spotlight! This is going to be a weekly article we are going to put out. Each week we are going to be writing about different artists that we enjoy or were submitted to us by readers that deserve a spotlight. This week the artist we are putting in the spotlight is Beach Bunny. Beach Bunny is an indie rock/ pop rock band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 2015 by frontwoman Lili Trifilio as a basement creative project when she recorded the first song she had ever wrote titled, “6 Weeks”. Since the release of that song, Beach Bunny has released four EP’s and one full length released this year titled, “Honeymoon”. This band has blown up immensely in popularity over the past year because they’re biggest song, “Prom Queen” gain much popularity after being used in thousands of videos on the app Tik Tok.

Beach Bunny

            I found out about Beach Bunny after seeing them on the first wave of the lineup for Riot Fest 2021 in Chicago. I had not made an effort to listen to them at that point but, scrolling through Instagram and a Tik Tok with the aforementioned “Prom Queen” used as audio for the video came up. Just the first three seconds of the song had me intrigued and desiring to find out more about their sound and style. I began going through their discography because I was hooked, one song after the next; I just fell in love with all of their tracks. Their songs are not flashy or mind-blowing instrumentally, which I think is really helpful with the music they are putting out. Lili is an unbelievable songwriter, and her voice on recording and from what live videos I have seen is fantastic. The three song acoustic set that Lili and lead guitarist, Matt Henkels did for Paste magazine was beautiful, Lili’s vocals sounded no different from the recorded versions that had been released. Honeymoon has been one of my favorite albums of 2020 so far and will for sure have a spot on my albums of the year list.

            This band has all of the potential in the world, once venues start opening back up and artists start touring again, we can all expect to see Beach Bunny making their way across the states and overseas. We cannot really ask much for new releases seeing as they just released a full length record but, I am excited to see what comes next musically for them. One of the more unique and impressive bands I have discovered recently and am pushing hard for these creatives to gain all the attention and listeners they can get because, they truly deserve it.

Track to check out: Cloud 9 off of Honeymoon.

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